South African woman pronounced dead, found alive inside morgue refrigerator

A South African woman, who was pronounced dead at the scene of a car crash, was reportedly found alive inside a morgue fridge.

A worker made the discovery after he went to check on the body and noticed the woman was breathing, according to the BBC.

Paramedics pronounced the woman – who has not been identified – dead at the scene of a car crash that killed two others on June 24, with the ambulance company claiming she showed “no form of life,” Times Live reported.

The woman has been transported to a hospital where she is recovering, according to the BBC. An investigation is underway as family members are demanding how such a crucial oversight could happen.

“The issue is that we need answers, that’s all we want and we don’t have any clarity now,” a family member told the BBC.

The manager of the ambulance company told the Times Live that the incident wasn’t a fault of the paramedics being improperly trained and that there was “no proof of any negligence” on the company’s part.

Over the past decade, South Africa has had several similar instances involving people being misidentified as dead, only to be found alive and well inside a morgue refrigerator, according to the BBC.

Benjamin Brown

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