Toronto police find more human remains on site frequented by alleged ‘potted-plant serial killer’

Police digging up a Toronto property where sets of dismembered remains were found in garden planters revealed Thursday they have now uncovered even more body parts in a nearby ravine.

Toronto police say the grisly finds were made on a property frequented by Bruce McArthur – a former landscaper currently facing eight counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of men connected to the city’s Gay Village neighborhood.

“We haven’t identified what the remains are or who they belonged to,” Toronto Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga said following Thursday’s announcement, according to the CBC.

Investigators combing the property earlier this year found seven sets of remains stuffed in garden planters. Canine dogs sniffing around a ravine in the back of the property in May then indicated that more remains may be hidden there, the station added.

toronto remains

Investigators expect to continue working at the site for several weeks. (Toronto Police)

But it took several weeks before police got a chance to dig up the new site – which is reported to be about the size of a tennis court.

Idsinga told the Toronto Star they had to “take environmental issues into consideration” and that “some trees were cleared to allow access for equipment.”

“We found the remains there very… it was a bit of a surprise,” he added.

Police say the remains could belong to the other sets that were found in the planters earlier this year, but authorities expect to stay at the site for the next few weeks to look over additional spots, the CBC reported.

bruce mcarthur
McArthur is currently facing eight first-degree murder charges.

They station said investigators were seen Wednesday loading black bags into a coroner’s vehicle parked near the ravine.

“Between May and June 2018, Toronto Police Dog Services, with assistance from other GTA police services, searched 100 other properties related to Bruce McArthur’s landscaping business. Nothing was found,” police also said in a statement.

McArthur, 66, is expected to appear again in court July 23.

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