Shocking video shows attempted hit on son of Bonanno crime family associate

Cops released dramatic video footage of an attempted hit on the son of a reputed Bonanno crime family associate in the Bronx, sources said.

Shooting victim Salvatore Zottola, 41, could be seen desperately trying to escape as the gunman pulled up in a dark-colored Nissan sedan and begins to opens fire on Wednesday, according to video released by police.

The shooter, who was in the passenger seat, exits the vehicle after firing a few shots on Tierney Place near Longstreet Avenue and chases Zottola, shooting him a total of three times before fleeing the scene.

Zottola could be seen rolling on the pavement in an attempt to avoid the bullets.

He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center in critical condition, but survived.

Cops were on the lookout for the gunman Thursday night.