Barcelona-Inter: what really happened with Rafinha

Rafinha Inter indica

22 July

The fans would choose otherwise, but to date, Rafinha and Inter are more distant than ever. Any chance of securing the Brazilian midfielder has been a frozen desire for weeks, an idea on which Piero Ausilio has had to stop since he chose to dedicate the big investment to Radja Nainggolan.

How it happened – The idea that filters through Corso Vittorio Emanuele is very clear: Inter would have resigned Rafinha for next season but were still studying a loan with redemption, which he could not, and ultimately Inter were unable proceed to another operation on a permanent basis. That type of budget was dedicated to Nainggolan (with counterparts) by choice of the club and Spalletti, who does not see Rafinha as a holder in a 4-2-3-1 where Radja is the playmaker nor can Inter invest at least 35 millions for a luxury reserve.

Barcelona – The real problem was in fact represented by the formula of the operation. At the beginning of June, Inter moved concretely to understand the margins of Rafinha’s return; despite the player’s insistence, Barcelona has always demanded 35 million or more with bonuses without the right to redeem, but with immediate selling certainties.

The same concept was reiterated to the intermediaries at the beginning of July, from that moment on Inter has understood that the Rafinha track is essentially impractical. In addition, Barça today has a lack of midfielders (Paulinho and Iniesta have gone away, André Gomes will soon be saluting them too) and they do not intend to make any discounts


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