ICYMI: ‘Stop deceiving Nigerians with stomach infrastructure’

The National Chairman of the Young Progressive Party, Bishop Emmanuel Amakiri, has warned politicians, seeking elective positions, to stop campaigning with money or gifts, commonly called stomach infrastructure.

Amakiri, who spoke while inaugurating new executives of the party in Kogi State, on Saturday, said stomach infrastructure had failed the country over the years.

He said, “Over the years, our leaders promised us stomach infrastructure, yet we are still hungry. Buying a bag of rice now is no longer child’s play. Many Nigerians are victims of the hardship meted out by the current administration. Before our leaders are elected into various positions, they will promise us heaven and earth. When they are elected, the reverse is the case.

“Petroleum was less than N100, but now, it is something else. Many Nigerians can no longer feed three times daily. It is time for Nigerians, especially the youth, to say no to these failed promises and elect a credible young candidate who will build their knowledge for the development of this nation.

“When we impact on the masses with knowledge, they will use it to build the nation.”

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