Man laments failure by Nasarawa LG to repay his eight-year-old N1m loan

A businessman, Mr Francis Ozege has asked the Public Complaints Commission to compel the Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State to settle its N1m indebtedness to him.

He claimed he lent the money to the council eight years ago to pay its workers when it was facing financial difficulty.

He explained that the then council chairman had prevailed on him to lend the LGA the money, promising to pay back as soon as it received its monthly allocation, but the authorities reneged.

Ozege said, “The former council chairman prevailed on me to lend the council the sum of N1m to enable it to pay its staff, promising that as soon as the council got its allocation from the state, it would pay back, but for the past eight years, all my effort to get my money back had proved abortive.”

In an interview with Northern City News, the creditor said he had no previous relationship with the authority of Doma LGA before offering the council the loan.

“I don’t have any relationship with the authorities of Doma LGA before I lent them the N1m to settle their staff. I am a farmer and businessman in the local government, I only rendered assistance to them because the council begged me and because the workers were in a difficult situation, that was why I gave out the money,” he said.

The council Chairman, Mr Rabo Sani, pledged to pay back the money, noting that he inherited the loan from his predecessor.

Speaking at a town hall meeting convened by the PCC on Friday, the chairman said, “I inherited the debt from the former council boss, we will definitely pay his money.”

The PCC had earlier directed the council authorities to settle the debt, describing the failure of the LGA to pay Ozege as a breach of trust.

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