Court orders man to pay ex-wife’s antenatal bills‎

A Kubwa Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Wednesday ordered one Abdullahi Saleh to pay his former wife, Abubakar Rabi’s antenatal bills until she delivers her baby.

‎The judge, Abdulwahab‎ Mohammed, ordered Saleh to pay N27,710 which was the amount his former wife, Rabi, spent on her antenatal and subsequently pay the bills until she delivers the baby.

He also directed Saleh to get a befitting accommodation for Rabi in Kubwa and to also pay N35,000 monthly feeding ‎allowance from July until the time she is delivered of her baby.

Mohammed said that Saleh, who is the defendant in the case has right to appeal to the Sharia Court of Appeal if he is not satisfied with the court’s judgement within 30 days from August 8.

‎Rabi had earlier ‎approached the court to compel Saleh to provide feeding allowance of N35,000 monthly, N250,000 to renew her rent and N11,000 to settle her antenatal care bills.

Saleh however said he could not afford a monthly allowance of N35,000 and asked for receipts for the said antenatal bills.

Rabi, who is carrying an eight-month pregnancy, got married to Saleh on April 29, 2017 and divorced him in May, 2018.