Keanu Reeves recalls shaving his legs for a 1980s Coca-Cola commercial

Actor Keanu Reeves recalled shaving his legs for one of his first acting roles, a Coca-Cola commercial from 1983.

Reeves, 53, told James Corden on “The Late Late Show” on Monday that he went “full method” when preparing to shoot the commercial, which focused on Reeves being given a cold soda by his father following a bike race.

“So, I had to play a cyclist, who’s a young kid, my father is my coach, it’s a big race,” Reeves told Corden.

“It’s about me and my dad — it was a three-day shoot,” he explained. “But for me, it was a great experience because you’re going from school to study to the real world, to practical. It was hitting marks, we had to improv some scenes. It was a real-world experience.

The “John Wick” star then revealed how he prepared for the video.

“I shaved my legs,” he admitted.

Corden appeared stunned and asked, “You shaved your legs for this commercial?

Reeves cleared it up by saying, “Yeah! Because I’m playing a cyclist.”

Corden then played the commercial for Reeves and the audience. The star recalled having to drink a lot of soda while filming the commercial.

“It was pretty funny,” he said.