Driver shears off patrol car door as trooper tries to get out

A Nevada Highway Patrol officer came out surprisingly unscathed after a hit-and-run driver seemingly sheared off the door of his patrol car.

The incident occurred on Route 95 in Nevada on Monday. A motorist, according to highway patrol, ignored the state’s “Move Over” law and hit the trooper’s vehicle as it was parked on the shoulder

The trooper wasn’t injured. A photo posted online by the patrol’s Southern Command shows the driver side door of the car almost completely sliced off from the rest of the vehicle.

The driver who allegedly hit the patrol car was located in Las Vegas on Tuesday, officials said.

Nevada’s “Move Over” law requires motorists to “slow down, proceed with caution, and when possible, move to the far lane when passing an official emergency response vehicle(s) pulled over on the side of the road with amber lights flashing.”