South Carolina beach sees rise in Man O’War stings, sightings, officials say

Beachgoers beware: Portuguese Man O’Wars sightings and stings have been on the rise on at least one beach in South Carolina.

City of Folly Beach officials on Wednesday issued a warning to visitors and residents alike to be wary of the creatures on the shore, which can deliver a venomous sting.

Getting stung by one of these sea creatures is incredibly painful, according to National Geogrpahic. Even dead Man O’Wars can still deliver a sting

Officials said anyone who spots the creature – which is a siphonophore, not a jellyfish, according to the publication – should report the sighting.

If stung, officials recommend using “vinegar and warmth” to to treat a Man O’War sting. More specifically, WebMD recommends rinsing the affected area with vinegar for 30 seconds before removing the creature’s tentacles with tweezers.

Once the tentacles are removed, it’s best to then soak the same area with hot water for 20 minutes