Princess Diana’s friend shares rare candid photo of royal on 21st anniversary of her death

One of Princess Diana’s friends is giving royal admirers a rare glimpse of what the Princess of Wales was like when cameras weren’t rolling.

On Friday, the 21st anniversary of Diana’s death, Rosa Monckton took to Twitter to share a candid picture of her dear friend.

“Diana as I remember her. Not enough is written about her sense of fun and zest for life. Friend and wonderful godmother to Domenica. RIP,” Monckton tweeted, sharing a photo of a laughing Diana donning sweatpants on what appears to be a plane.

Monckton was reportedly introduced to Diana by a mutual friend. She loved the princess, even naming her the godmother of her daughter, Domenica, who was born with Down Syndrome, according to People.

“She said, ‘You just have to believe in her,’” Monckton recalled Diana telling her after Domenica’s birth in 1995, according to People. “She said, ‘Believe in her, love her and I’ll be there every step of the way.’ She already had that vision of what Domenica could become, which I simply couldn’t see.”

“[Diana] was a huge encouragement,” Monckton added. “She came with me to appointments. She was very much by my side.”

Monckton credits Diana with inspiring her to create a charity, called Team Domenica, in her daughter’s honor.

“Domenica was Princess Diana’s last godchild, and Rosa passionately promotes the late Princess’s belief that ‘everybody needs to be valued and everyone has the potential to give something back,'” the charity states on its website.

The organization helps children with special needs and learning disabilities get employment, better healthcare and a support system.

Diana died on Aug. 31, 1997, in a car crash in Paris, along with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their driver at the time.