Woman swaps husband’s sperm for lover’s during IVF

A Russian woman, Yana Anokhina, has admitted to asking her fertility clinic to swap her husband’s sperm for her lover’s while she was undergoing in vitro fertilisation treatment which resulted in the conception and birth of a baby boy.

It was reported that Mr Maxim Anokhina had no idea that the little boy was not biologically his and was kept in the dark for a year. He only found out after the couple split and his ex-wife revealed what she had done, reports Sun UK.

Mr Anokhina successfully sued the Moscow clinic that allowed the swap after raising the child that he thought was his for a year. Maxim said he “loved and supported” the boy as the courts awarded him £4,600 in compensation for his moral and financial damages.

He said: “I trusted my wife. I believed her and trusted her, 100 per cent.

“It means that when I was told about it, I was shocked, I was distressed, and I could hardly believe it.”

The court found Maxim had paid for the IVF treatment.

He provided his sperm under the impression he was going to be the father.

Court reports show that Yana wanted the father of her baby to be the man she loved and not her husband.

The couple later split and are now in new relationships. Yana is now in a relationship with her lover, the biological father of her son.

It was reported that Yana initiated the process of replacing her husband’s sperm.

DNA tests later proved that Maxim was not the father, which prompted him to sue the Kulakov Medical Centre that allowed for the sperm swap.


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