Cody Simpson’s famous family reveals why they rejected Hollywood and moved back to Australia

Cody Simpson’s family has revealed why they turned down Hollywood and returned home to Australia.

The famous family, who have called Los Angeles home for the past eight years, have shared their reasoning for leaving the California sun for their home in Queensland.

In a recent interview with The Gold Coast Bulletinon Friday, the Simpson family members explained that they missed their Australian lifestyle despite the many offers to stay in the States and star in a family-themed reality TV series.

“They wanted drama, but there’s never any drama with us,” Angie Simpson, the family’s matriarch explained saying that the family rejected the gig offers.

But the Simpsons have no regrets about returning to the Gold Coast and don’t feel they missed out on potential Kardashian family fame.

And while his family, including his blonde siblings, Alli and Tom, made the decision to leave L.A. with their parents, Cody, who gained fame as a singer-songwriter in the States, remains in Hollywood and continues to work with his band, The Tide, who just released new music.

Cody’s younger sister, though she moved back to Australia, will reportedly travel back and forth between the Gold Coast and L.A. to also continue her career pursuits as a flourishing model and budding singer.

But, according to the Daily Mail, the rest of the Simpson family missed the “fresh air” and the “great schools” of Queensland and were excited to return home.