How To Play Dice Log

  • This are examples of combinations of 10 below


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  • This are examples of combinations of 9 below


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  • This are examples of double combinations below


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  • All combinations will be played on 10 trials, example below


How To Start Playing

Step 1: register through our contact form below , your “name” ,” Email” , and the word “interested” must be filled in the form below.

Step 2: After approval,you will be required to send a video to us like the example above via Email within a specified time.


Step 3: After thorough screening of the Video , your winnings will be sent to your bank account number .

Amounts To Be Won

Note: Least amount to play with is 100 naira

Note: Out of the 10 trials, 5 trials must be won ( on combinations of 10 and 9 , examples above.)

          Out of the 10 trials , 4 trials must be won( on double combination, examples above.)

ODDS: Combinations of 10  and 9 are 5 points

Example: 100 naira × 5 points = 500 naira

ODDS: Combinations of doubles are 50 points

Example: 100 naira × 50 points = 5000 naira


  • Exceeding the given standard time of after approval of making and sending the video will lead to disqualification . And constant exceeding of time will lead to banning of such player
  • Sending previous or same videos is highly unacceptable, and could lead to banning
  • Editing and sending of previous videos will lead to banning.
  • keeping won videos and sending them to us will lead to banning.

Each player will have his unique timing after approval

Means Of Payment

  • Tranfers
  • bank deposits
  • Available only in Nigeria 

Our agents will contact you after your registration

Terms and conditions

Registering means you have accepted this term and conditions below

  • We have the right to change or update and add to the terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to ban any player who did not heed to the warnings
  • We are not liable to any damages, scam or theft by fraudsters, as we have only one source of registration which is on this site