Massive $80G gold nugget discovered in Australia by retired man who’s been searching area for years

A massive gold nugget believed to be worth about $80,000 was discovered by a retired man in Western Australia who said he’s been searching the area for years with a metal detector.

The man who discovered the nugget did not want to be named but said he found the nugget in the northern Goldfields, the Australian Associated Press reported.

“When I had finished digging it out, I just thought ‘Oh my God’,” he said.

There’s an amazing feeling of joy when you find a gold nugget, even a small one, so when I uncovered this one it was a really special moment,” the man said according to Aussie Gold Addiction.

The man said it took him two hours to get the nugget, which weighed about seven pounds, out of the ground.

“It was pretty deep at about 31 inches in clay soil so it took more than two hours of careful digging to get it out,” he said.