Vladimir Putin brands Sergei Skripal a ‘traitor’ in furious attack on poisoned spy

Russian President Vladimir Putin today claimed a former spy poisoned in Britain had betrayed the motherland – branding Sergei Skripal a “scumbag”.

The former double agent and his daughter Yulia were infamously found slumped on a public bench in Salisbury in the U.K. in March.

The British authorities say they were poisoned with a nerve agent administered by a pair of undercover Russian intelligence officers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow on Wednesday (AP)

Russia and Putin strongly deny any involvement in the shocking affair, which has deepened Moscow’s international isolation in recent months.

“I see that some of your colleagues are pushing the theory that Mr Skripal was almost some kind of human rights activist,” Putin said at an energy forum in Moscow.

“He was simply a spy. A traitor to the motherland. There is such a concept – a traitor to the motherland. He was one of those. He’s simply a scumbag, that’s all.”

Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found poisoned in a Salisbury park this past March.

He reiterated Russia’s stance that it has nothing to do with the Novichok poisoning – despite credible reports two Kremlin spies were behind the attempted hit.

This article originally appeared in The Sun