Sarah Hyland’s boyfriend Wells Adams comes to her defense

Sarah Hyland‘s boyfriend Wells Adams definitely reads the comments, and isn’t afraid to clap back.

After the “Bachelor in Paradise” star, 34, shared an Instagram photo of himself posing with his “Modern Family” sweetheart on Saturday, a follower took to the comments to make fun of 27-year-old Hyland’s eyewear.

“I don’t get the glasses look at all?” the social media user wrote, to which Adams quickly replied, “Oh, it’s so she can see s—t.”

Last Friday, he similarly came to Hyland’s defense after body-shaming trolls slammed a bikini selfie she posted along with the hashtag “#feelinmyselffriday”, leaving comments like “eat something” and “eat a doughnut.”

Adams’ response to his girlfriend’s haters? “Eat s—t.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.