London museum slammed after promoting event to ‘womxn’

A museum in London was criticized after it promoted an event aimed at “womxn.

The Wellcome Collection, a museum and library, fired off a tweet Saturday promoting Material for Daylight, a four-day event that “aims to challenge archives, change narratives and amplify new voices.”

The tweet read: “Typeset women back into history with #Daylighting our four-day program of letter printing presses, zine workshops, discussions on how womxn can challenge existing archives, Wikipedia 101 and more. 18-21 Oct. Explore the program.”

The tweet received backlash from social media users who mocked the museum’s decision to use “womxn” and called on it to use the word “woman,” according to The Guardian.

The museum clarified in a tweet on Tuesday that it used the term “womxn” “because it is important to create a space/venue that includes diverse perspectives.”

But it later apologized for using the word and said it “made the wrong call.”

“We should have put more thought into whether this was the right term to use when communicating about the event. We made a mistake, and we should not have used it,” the museum said in a statement on Wednesday. “We’re sorry that we made the wrong call.”