Most wanted drug trafficker turns himself in after taunting police in music video

One of Spain’s most wanted drug lords turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday after he appeared in a music video seemingly taunting police.

Francisco Tejon, the leader of one of southern Spain’s largest drug gangs, Los Castañas, walked into the police station in Cadiz a little over a week after he appeared in a reggaeton music video.

According to El Pais, the 39-year-old drug lord, who is better known as “Isco” – diminutive nickname for Francisco – made an appearance in the music video by Cuban-born rapper Clase A.

The video, titled “Candela,” was released 10 days ago and has been watched more than 41,000 times. It’s unclear when it was recorded, however many saw it as Tejon taunting police for their failure to find him.

In the video, Tejon is seen getting out of a Bentley, standing next to Clase A and going into a house filled with bikini-clad women.

According to the rapper’s social media accounts, the video was shot in a mansion in the southern Spanish province of Malaga, the BBC reported.

Authorities believe the Castaña clan has amassed more than $34 million from drug trafficking in recent years. Their operation consists of controlling the traffic of hashish from Morocco into Europe via the Strait of Gibraltar.

“They have managed to absorb other gangs and to develop a feudal relationship with the rest,” Juan Cisneros, head prosecutor in Algeciras, told El Pais.

An arrest warrant for Tejon was issued in 2016.

Tejon’s brother, Antonio, was arrested in a June 7 raid that involved more than 100 police officers, El Pais reported.

The music video appears to have been taken down from YouTube.