Texas woman caught on video abandoning toddler at stranger’s front door

Texas cops are searching for the mysterious woman captured on surveillance video abandoning a 2-year-old boy at a stranger’s door Wednesday night.

The boy’s father was located Thursday morning with the help of local media and residents, police said, adding that they will be providing more details later in the morning.

A woman called 911 just before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday saying she discovered the toddler standing alone on her porch. She was alerted to the boy’s presence when someone knocked on her Spring home’s door.

A woman was captured on surveillance video abandoning a 2-year-old boy at stranger’s front door Wednesday night, police said.(Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)

Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home, located about 20 miles north of Houston, and reviewed a 23-second surveillance video in which a woman is seen running to the front door with the child, ringing the doorbell and knocking and then sprinting back to her white vehicle.

The woman drives away as the child looks back, apparently confused. The boy was not injured and appears to be in good health.

Police said the woman is likely in her mid-20s to early 30s with long hair that touches her waist. She also has several tattoos on her right arm.

The toddler is seen standing at the door as the woman drives away in her white car. (Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)

Officials released the surveillance video in hopes the public can identify the woman and the boy.

Anyone with information about the duo is urged to call 936-760-5800.