Florida man arrested for making ‘Mother of Satan’ bombs in home, police say

Florida officials said an anonymous tip led them to a stash of Mason jars filled with a highly explosive powder – similar to the type used by Islamist terror groups in a string of overseas bombings.

Lake Helen police officers and Volusia County deputies descended on a South High Street home and reportedly discovered jars filled with a white crystal powder called triacetone triperoxide – or TATP.

The powder is used by terrorist groups, such as ISIS, to make so-called “Mother of Satan” bombs.

Inside the house, police also found two homemade explosives and bomb-making paraphernalia with explosives residue.

Jared E. Coburn, 37, lived in the home and reportedly told police he was using the powder to make homemade fireworks. He was charged with manufacturing an explosive device — but could face additional charges.

“This guy is also highly intelligent. We’re not talking about Joe Schmo who got online and decided to do this,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood told reporters, according to WFTV. “Did he have more sinister plans? We don’t know. But the bottom line is, if you take this as mundane, that he was a frustrated chemist and just playing chemist, he still had the potential to blow up the block.”

Jared Coburn was arrested after police found Mason jars filled with highly explosive powder used to make “Mother of Satan” bombs.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives also responded to the scene.

The sheriff’s office said because of the volatility of the powder, it will not be transported away from the area, but instead detonated in a nearby field.

“It was a shock, it was definitely a shock,” Lake Helen Police Chief Mike Walker said. “I’m glad we had the Sheriff’s department and their bomb team at our disposal, because they were very helpful, and they continue to be.”