Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte defends skipping meetings for ‘power naps’ during summit

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte skipped four scheduled events at the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit so he could take “power naps,” his spokesman said in a statement Wednesday.

Duterte, 73, needed to catch up on his sleep, spokesman Salvador Panelo said, according to Sky News.

“We assure the nation that his aforementioned absence has nothing to do with his physical health and well-being, which have been the subject of speculation,” Panelo said. “The president’s constantly punishing work schedule is proof that he is in top physical shape.”

Duterte also defended sleeping through some of the ASEAN sessions, according to Sky News.

“What’s wrong with my nap? I don’t eat breakfast and I’m sure you ladies know that,” he said.

Speculation over Duterte’s health has been an ongoing issue in the Philippines. He has openly admitted he’s tired and says he wants to step down before his term is over in 2022.