Top of Christmas tree for Ohio city snaps off, forcing backup plan

Officials in Ohio are going to have to turn to a backup plan for the city’s Christmas tree this year after the one planned to grace the city’s Central Square broke apart on Wednesday.

The 55-foot tall blue spruce weighing over 10,000 pounds was being taken from a yard in Struthers, destined for Youngstown when the top of it snapped off as workers were cutting and moving the tree.

“From my knowledge, this has never happened before,” Dawn Turnage from Youngstown Parks and Recreation Department told WYTV-TV. “As the current director and speaking to our crew and staff as well as our forester. This has never occurred before.”

Turnage said no one was injured when the tree broke apart, and no damage was reported to the property where it was being removed from.

The tree was supposed to be the center of attention at the city’s annual holiday parade on Nov. 30, but the parks and recreation department now is working to determine what the next step will be. Officials told WFMJthere is a backup tree, though the location has not been disclosed yet.

The couple who donated the tree, Debbie and Bob Nester, were honored to have their blue spruce donated to be part of the city’s Christmas celebrations but were saddened by the accident.

“I wanted to see it all lit up. That would have been great. Now [the tree lighting is] going to be delayed again,” Bob Testor told The Vindicator.