Olamide continues romance with controversies on Logo Benz

Olamide Adedeji, aka Baddo, is a great artiste. It is unarguable that he has proved his mettle over the years and he is well loved by people all over the world. However, he is not above mistakes. And he appeared to have made one recently, a grievous one at that.

Olamide’s songs have never been devoid of controversies. Many believe that he promotes social vices such as drug abuse, Internet fraud, rape, among other things. Many can recall the backlash that trailed one of his songs, Science Student, which was getting heavy airplay at about this time last year.

His verse on Lil Kesh’s Logo Benz is highly irresponsible (and that’s putting it very mildly).

At a time when there have been increasing cases of female panties being stolen and used for ritual purposes, it is mortifying that Olamide could be so reckless to sing thus, “If money doesn’t enter, I will do blood money.” The chorus goes on to say, among other inanities, “Pull down you panties for them/Logo Benz.”

After some people called out Olamide for his error, he allegedly made a cheeky response that he didn’t start ritual killings in Nigeria.

Truly, ritual killings started in the country before the singer was born, but he is doing a lot to damage the fabric of the same society that made him by seemingly endorsing such a hideous act.



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