Plutonium has been leaking into Pacific from US Cold War nuke test site for years

Deadly radioactive plutonium is leaking into the Pacific Ocean from a tiny island where the U.S. detonated dozens of Cold War nukes.

During its clean-up operation on Enewetak Atoll, in the Marshall Islands, the military built a giant concrete dome to house the toxic material left over from the nuclear tests.

And now with rising sea levels, the storage facility is leaking into the Pacific Ocean, potentially spreading its deadly contents far and wide.

It has now been claimed that the dome, which was built with a porous base of seashells and sand, was not sealed properly – which has further contributed to the radioactive leak, reports

Over the course of 10 years, during the Cold War, 43 nuclear bombs were detonated, blasting craters and vaporizing islands.

Back in 2013, a report commissioned by the US Department of Energy confirmed the dome is leaking its highly toxic waste.

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