CES 2019: This is what a $7,000 toilet looks like

LAS VEGAS — Despite the robots, virtual reality video games and a helicopter that looked like something straight out of the movie “Avatar,” at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show manufacturing firm Kohler still managed to capture the attention of convention-goers with none other than a toilet.

For the hefty tag of $7,000, the Amazon Alexa-enabled Numi 2.0 toilet plays music, automatically opens, closes and flushes and can “clean yourself in a way people aren’t typically used to,” said Kohler Marketing Manager Nicole Allis.

Kohler unveiled the upgraded version of their previous Numi model this week at CES, which also features a heated seat as well as ambient lighting to “set the mood.”

“The bathroom is a hardworking space,” Allis said. “People typically start and end their day there, and we know people want additional conveniences.”

Allis said some people want to streamline their bathroom experience – get in and out – but others want their lavatory to have a spa-like ambiance.

“So, having Alexa to be able to control the lighting, sound and music and create that spa-like experience they’re looking for in the bathroom,” she said, “is something we hear from our customers.”

In addition to the toilet, Kohler also showcased a smart bathtub, which can automatically fill with water to the desired depth as well as temperature, along with a mirror that’s equipped with Amazon and Google.

To turn your bathroom into a technological hub, the toilet, mirror and bathtub altogether will cost about $13,000.

Even with the steep price, Allis said Kohler has seen “a lot of interest.”


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  1. it seems that the future is here! It does seem extremely posh but I can’t seem to understand why one would want one. Maybe it’s just me

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