Mississippi woman looking for cat finds 7-foot alligator in storm drain instead: ‘Name him Pennywise’

A woman in Pascagoula, Mississippi, hoping to locate her missing cat came across an estimated 7-foot gator lurking in a storm drain instead.

Brooque Snow told WLOX she and her stepdaughter were searching for the feline around their neighborhood. At one point, Snow said she decided to look down a storm drain.

“We looked inside and there was an alligator,” she told WLOX. “At first were like, ‘Wait a minute…’ so we took a second glance. Then I took out my phone took a picture and I told the neighbors.”

“At least he found the storm drain and not someone’s doggie door,” a third joked.

Doug Adams, captain of the Pascagoula Police Department, said Snow made the right choice by calling officials.

“You don’t want to feed the gators even if they’re in your yard, you don’t want to try to trap them yourself,” he told WLOX.