Iran State TV broadcaster to appear in DC court today, network says

The American-born Iran state TV broadcaster said to be held by the FBI reportedly will appear in court Friday in Washington, D.C.

The announcement regarding Marzieh Hashemi, made by her employer Press TV, comes as the FBI continues to remain silent about her situation, including why she’s being detained or what possible charges she faces.

The newscaster, who also holds Iranian citizenship, was detained Sunday in St. Louis on a material witness warrant, her son has told the Associated Press. But the exact reasons for her detainment remain unclear and it has not been confirmed by authorities.

Press TV, in a segment that aired on their channel Friday, reported that Hashemi’s children also have been called in to testify.

“Marzieh was very outspoken as far as the plight of Palestinians is concerned,” said Gisoo Ahmadi, a Press TV news anchor. “She was not shy to discuss the behavior of the U.S. government towards its people.”

Hashemi’s reported detention comes as Iran is continuing to hold several Americans in custody, some who have been languishing in prisons for years.