Amazon delivers woman stun gun, pepper spray instead of cat dish she ordered

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A Canadian woman who ordered a dish for her cat through Amazon received a stun gun and pepper spray instead.

Jacynthe Cardin, of Montreal, received the package on Wednesday, CTV News reported. She said she opened the box, and “was so surprised.”
“I just took another look at the box to be sure it’s my package, but it’s my name on it and my address,” Cardin told the news station.

She explained that she and her husband don’t have children, but if they “had one and he found the package, he would have taken it and tried it.”

Cardin said she turned the items over to police, as both items are reportedly illegal in Canada.

An Amazon spokesperson told Fox News that the situation “was an unfortunate incident.”

“We are taking this matter very seriously to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” the spokesperson said. “We’ve worked directly with the customer to resolve this incident.”

The company reportedly told Cardin that the error happened in a U.S. warehouse when an employee placed a wrong label on a box after a bar code error — and added that her cat dish is on its way.

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