Super Bowl LIII: Tom Brady, Patriots and Pepsi tops among social media buzz

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The New England Patriots may be a slight favorite over the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but the Bill Belichick-led Patriots are dominating the scoreboard when it comes to social media.

Analytics company Talkwalker found that over the past 30 days (up until Jan. 30), the Patriots have more than 189,700 mentions on social media, compared to more than 156,500 mentions for the Rams, in data provided to Fox News.

There have been over 3.96 million tweets related to the big game on Sunday, but only the Patriots playoff slogan is among the top five hashtags used. The top Twitter hashtag is #NFLPlayoffs at 457,400 mentions, but #EverythingWeGot – the Patriots slogan – has 98,700 mentions.

“It seems to be a pretty [big] hit as fans tend to tweet it broadly,” a Talkwalker spokesperson said via email to Fox News.

Patriots star QB Tom Brady is the most searched player in all 50 states, a Googlespokesperson told Fox News via email.

As the hype around Super Bowl LIII reaches white-hot status, social media and internet users are doing everything and anything they can to learn about the Patriots and Rams and join in on the conversation. It’s just that Patriots fans are doing it with more frequency.

Making up the rest of the top five hashtags are #SuperBowl, with 260,600 mentions, #SBLII with 196,200 mentions and #NFL, with 98,800 mentions.

Battle of the brands

The battle on the field is sure to garner most of the attention, but the battle off the field, between beverage giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola, is garnering significant scrutiny as well.

Pepsi has more than 51,600 mentions on social media, Talkwalker noted, thanks in part to the Maroon 5 halftime show and the upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring Cardi B. The ad, which also stars Lil Jon and actor Steve Carrell, recently appeared online and was shared more than 170,000 times.

The hashtag #PepsiMoreThanOK has also garnered significant attention and has a positive perception, with 82.2 percent of respondents approving of the message.

“This aggressive campaign, and the SBLIII half-time buzz, seems to allow Pepsi to win both the mention battle (282,000 Pepsi mentions vs 181,000 Coke mentions) and the engagement battle (1,8 million Pepsi shares/retweets vs 1,5 million Coke shares/retweets in North America in the last 30 days),” Talkwalker said in the email.

For its part, Pepsi is attempting a “cola truce” with Coca-Cola ahead of the Super Bowl, which is being held in Coca-Cola’s hometown of Atlanta.

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