Russian couple arrested after baby swinging street act in Malaysia

A Russian couple was arrested Monday after a viral video showed them violently swinging their four-month-old baby during a street performance, Malaysian police said.

The couple, a 28-year-old man and his 27-year-old wife, were detained in the heart of Kuala Lumpur while trying to woo spectators with their terrifying act. Police told AFP that the performance was to fund their world tour.

A 90-second video of their “act” went viral on Facebook on Sunday and showed a man in blue shorts and a white T-shirt holding the baby by the feet and swinging the infant between his legs and raising it above his head several times to the beat of music in the background.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Click here to see the video.

The man is then seen throwing the baby into the air several times, briefly letting go.

A woman believed to be the man’s wife is seen sitting on the floor with a placard that read: “We are traveling around the world.”

A crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the act, but no one stepped in to stop them.

The person who shared the video on Facebook called it an “irresponsible act that can literally cause injury to that poor baby.”

Facebook has not removed the clip from its site because “it may help rescue the child in question.”

Police said the couple entered Malaysia from neighboring Thailand on Friday. The Russian embassy in Kuala Lumpur has been notified.They were subsequently released on bail according to local reports.

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