French policewoman shot and killed by colleague during ‘gun-drawing game’

A French policewoman was shot and killed by a male colleague on Sunday while playing a “gun-drawing game.”

The 27-year-old woman and her fellow officer were reportedly playing a game to see who could draw their weapons faster. One of the guns accidentally went off, striking the unnamed woman in the head and killing her. Both were on duty patrolling the new police headquarters in Paris’ 17th arrondissement.

The victim’s 28-year-old male coworker was placed in a detention center after the incident on Sunday. The city prosecutor and head of police both visited the scene of the officer’s death later that day, according to The Local. Neither officer has been identified.

“This is a stupid drama that has just ruined two lives,” a senior police official told Le Parisiennewspaper.

French police union leader Christophe Crepin told CNN the incident was a “tragedy,” and said it was clear that proper protocol was not being followed by the officers.

“There are regulations as to the handling of a firearm when the chamber is loaded and these were not followed,” he said.

In January in the the United States, a female police officer in St. Louis was killed during a Russian Roullette-like game with two on-duty officers.


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