Dutch fertility doctor secretly fathered 49 children, DNA tests reveal

A Dutch fertility doctor who was accused of impregnating patients with his sperm without their consent fathered 49 children, DNA tests revealed.

Jan Karbaat, who died in April 2017 at the age of 89, impregnated patients at his clinic in Bijdorp, near Rotterdam, a port city in South Holland, the BBC reported. The clinic shuttered in 2009. DNA tests results were announced Friday after a court ruled in February to “release his DNA,” which was taken off items like a toothbrush.

A group of the doctor’s suspected children and their parents took Karbaat to court in 2017 following suspicions that they may all be related. The doctor inseminated his patients with his sperm instead of using or thatthe chosen donor.

DNA tests showed Karbaat fathered 49 children, according to Defence for Children International, which helped the case. Many of the children are now in their thirties, Sky Newsreported.

Tim Bueters, a lawyer who represented the children, told Dutch broadcaster NOS that “there is finally clarity for the children who are matched.”

One of Karbaat’s children said he is glad to have the truth confirmed.

“After a search of 11 years I can continue my life. I am glad that I finally have clarity.”


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