‘Saturday Night Live’ star Michael Che attacks writer who criticized ‘Weekend Update’ co-host Colin Jost

Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che lashed out at a writer who criticized his “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost.

Writer Steven Hyden wrote an essay for Uproxx titled, “Why Does Everyone (Still) Hate ‘SNL”s Colin Jost?” The piece examined Jost’s privileged life and seeming lack of self-awareness and its negative interpretation by audiences of the NBC staple.

“Nobody has been quite as disliked, while also being as central to the show, as Jost. Among the people I know who like ‘SNL,’ Jost (at best) is a benign presence whose essential blandness precludes feeling one way or the other about his tenure on ‘Weekend Update,’ or (at worst) a smug hack who relies far too often on easy, frat-dude punchlines about porno movies and penis sizes,” Hyden wrote.
Hyden added that most people he follows on Twitter seem to hate “SNL,” adding that to that demographic, “Jost is nothing less than the epitome of white-male mediocrity, an empty vessel who is handsome (but not that handsome), smart enough (but not all that smart), and, well, passably funny (though only if you grade on a generous curve). He seems less like a comedian than a cardboard ’80s movie villain — like James Spader if he looked like a beefier Andrew McCarthy — with zero self-consciousness when it comes to bragging about how he gets his boat shoes wet at the finest beaches in the Hamptons.”

That didn’t sit well with Che, 35, who went after Hyden in a series of since-deleted Instagram stories (that have been screenshot for posterity). In the social media slams (which are to vulgar to repeat, but which you can read for yourself here), Che accused Hyden of bestiality in much more graphic terms.

Hyden, for his part — who also said in his essay that Che is “generally funnier” than Jost, 36 — took the dig in stride, arguably showing a better sense of humor about himself than the actual comedians about whom he wrote.

“Dear Michael Che, I don’t feel harassed,” Hyden tweeted. “Your bit about me having sex with dogs was hilarious. Have a nice Easter. Your pal, Steve.”