See The Moment Uber Driver Got Elated After Realizing He Had Picked Up Superstar, Davido In USA

Recently, a Nigerian man working as an Uber driver in the United States of America got the surprise of his life after realizing that his passenger is one of Africa’s biggest music superstars, Davido.

In a video that is now trending in the online community, an Uber driver was spotted in a recording in which he exclaimed in excitement the moment he found out that Davido was the passenger he picked up from the airport.

Excited to be driving the young superstar, the man immediately got on his phone to call some friends and family and inform them that the Aye crooner was currently the passenger occupying a spot in his cab.

While the whole scenario was playing out, the superstar who recorded his excited fan could not help himself from laughing at the reaction of his driver.

He went on to add that the cab driver was the luckiest Uber driver ever, to which the driver, himself, responded by saying he was the luckiest driver in the entire universe.