Mexicans up in arms over plan to ban sale of cold beer from stores across capital

Mexicans are being faced with legislation that would ban the sale of cold beer in stores across the nation’s capital.

On Wednesday, local politician Maria de Lourdes Paz Reyes proposed the ban of cold beers and other beverages with 7% or less alcoholic content in Mexico City’s convenience and grocery stores. She also outlined a rule for shop owners to display signs warning customers of public drinking penalties.

“In this regard, prevention measures are recommended, including policies aimed at reducing consumption in large quantities or prior to carrying out hazardous activities such as driving,” Paz Rayes told her colleagues.

Paz Reyes states in her proposal that the city’s public intoxication and drunk driving problems would decrease because consumers would be inclined to chill and drink the beer away from the stores and public streets

According to the National Victimization and Public Security Perceptions survey, over 75% of Mexico City residents considered “consuming alcohol in the street” as the main source of criminal and antisocial behavior in 2018.

With a country of 52% alcohol drinkers, there has unsurprisingly been a public backlash.

A Twitter campaign was launched just hours after the proposal was presented. Users began targeting the bill with the hashtag #ConLasCervezasNo, translated to ‘Don’t mess with our beers.’

Social media responses to the bill were also quick to discuss how the city’s economy would suffer if beer sales decreased.

“I get angry when the authorities intend to decide what to do and what not to do, in addition to reducing the income of small businesses that already have it difficult competing with commercial chains,” another user tweeted.

Other users joked that the bill was a government-issued diet and that beer should be declared a universal right.

The capital city known for its lax drinking laws could now face legal charges as the proposal moves forward to the Local Public Administration Commission for analysis and opinion.