Pamela Anderson slams charity for donating to Notre Dame over kids in need

Pamela Anderson is disappointed in one of France’s most decorated football clubs after a fundraiser for children in need ended up donating a significant sum of money to help rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral.

The iconic structure caught fire in Paris on April 15 in a blaze that was eventually ruled an accident. The cathedral’s 19th-century spire and two-thirds of the roof need extensive repairs. Since its partial destruction, nearly $1 billion has been raised to pay for the cost of construction, which Anderson believes is more than enough.

The star attended a gala with her boyfriend, Adil Rami, a defender on the Olympique Marseille team. The soccer club organized a fundraiser for children in need, but Anderson was shocked to see that the largest item up for bid, which reportedly went for 100,000€ (about $111,400), helped fund the reconstruction of Notre Dame.

“Last night we attended @OM_Officiel annual Gala to help raise money for youth suffering in Marseille – full of good intentions. While raising a meaningful amount of € for a great cause,” the former “Baywatch” star wrote on Twitter. “Then 😳 ‘big surprise auction item’ came to raise money for rebuilding Notre Dame???”

She continued: Surely the children suffering in Marseille could have used the 100,000 € more than the church that has already received over a billion in donations by billionaires.”

A source close to Anderson told Fox News that reports the couple stormed out of the venue in disgust are untrue.

“They didn’t storm out. They left after the dinner and auction,” the source said. “Adil was very generous and tried to buy almost everything, but then the biggest item came out for auction and they said this € would go to Notre Dame. OM Foundation is very generous each year, always giving back to the community of Marseille, so that was a shock. Pamela was very disappointed.”

The star concluded by urging the organization to reconsider where the funds will be allocated given that Notre Dame seems to already be in good hands. Experts estimate that the cost of rebuilding will be in the hundreds of millions, which has reportedly been raised.

“I hope they will reconsider and give to where it is needed. To the community here in Marseille where it was intended. And would go much further in making lives better,” she wrote.

Representatives for the organization did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.