Firefighters rescue frightened cougar from tree: ‘Just make sure he’s asleep’

Firefighters in Canada said they don’t always have time to rescue a cat out of a tree — unless the cat is a cougar.

Victoria Firefighters Local 730 posted a rescue video on social media Friday, showing a lone member of their crew climbing a ladder to save a tranquilized male cougar. Firefighter Trevor Partlo slung the 80-pound big cat over his shoulder and carried it down, but not before making sure the feline was “well out.”

Don’t fall, and just make sure he’s asleep,” Partlo told Vancouver’s CTV News. “I gave him a little pet just to make sure he didn’t do anything.”

The cougar was in good condition and was released into the wilderness after officers tagged its ear, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“Generally we’re busy enough that we don’t do that,” he told CTV News. “But this time we made an exception.”