Man in New Mexico spots huge snake ‘soaking in the morning sun’ in front of office building

A man heading to work at the National Weather Service’s (NWS) location in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, came across a slithery surprise Tuesday: a lengthy Glossy snakesoaking up some sun.

The man, identified as John Fausett by Fox 14, spotted the serpent as he was pulling into work, stopping for a moment to capture a picture of the snake, which was later shared by the weather service.

“A little cooler this morning in the Borderland behind a weak Pacific front. This encouraged some to soak in the morning sun,” NWS’ tweet reads.

Glossy snakes are typically found in the southwestern part of the country, ranging from west Texas to California, per Reptiles magazine, which noted they can also be found in southwest Nebraska and in central Mexico.

These snakes are not considered to be dangerous; in fact, they make “easy” household pets, according to the publication.

That said, these serpents are “powerful constrictors,” using their bodies to strangle their prey, which typically consists of lizards, small birds and mice. These reptiles — scientifically known as Arizona elegans — typically reach 42 inches (about 3.5 feet) in length, according to Reptiles of Arizona.