Jenna Jameson celebrates dramatic weight loss on one-year anniversary of starting the keto diet

Jenna Jameson is celebrating one year on the keto diet and the massive weight loss that’s come with it.

The former adult film star has shed more than 80 pounds and is documenting her progress on her social media accounts. She also offers her followers diet tips and encouraging wordsabout inner beauty, accepting yourself and mental health.

“Today I celebrate 1 year of being #keto,” the 44-year-old mom wrote on Instagram. I have absolutely never felt better! Combining #sobriety, the keto lifestyle and intermittent fasting is the perfect trifecta for me when it comes to a healthy sustainable fitness journey.”

After welcoming her daughter in 2017, the star began a strict diet to help shed some lingering pregnancy pounds. However, when she started to see big results, she kept with it and documented the ups and downs of her weight loss journey on social media for her many followers.

In her celebration post, she made sure to thank the fans that have been keeping her honest for the past year.

“Thanks everyone for supporting me and joining me in my quest for ultimate health!!! Love you!”

The kind words came with another before-and-after shot of the star that shows off how much weight she’s lost.

Jameson keeps a strict keto diet and a workout plan that includes circuit training.

Fox News’ Jessica Napoli contributed to this report.