“Your Heart Is Unmatched” – Chris Brown Replies Justin Bieber’s Praises

American singer, Chris Brown responds to Justin Bieber who took to social media to defend his friend who is currently facing backlashes.

On Saturday, Justin took to social media to compare Chris Brown with music icons, Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. He equated CB to the addition of MJ and 2pac. He said Chris Brown is the living equivalent of these icons and he encourages fans to listen to Chris‘ music and appreciate him while he’s still alive.

Chris responded in a comment on the post, saying,

“I love you man! Thank you for believing in me. Your star shines so bright and your heart is unmatched. You are a king but more importantly you were put here to inspire and create endless possibilities bro!”

“I’m with ya till the wheels fall off and when they do… we gone get some new wheels





,” he added.