Bisi Alimi Celebrates 15 Years Of Being HIV Positive

UK based Nigerian LGBTQ activist, Bisi Alimi has stated that HIV knows no sexuality as he marks 15 years of being diagnosed with the disease.

He went on to advise people to check and know their HIV status and never assume they or their partner does not have the virus.

According to him, being HIV positive is not the end of the world, one just as to get the proper treatment, as there is no cure and he is a living testimony that it works, seeing that he has been on the medication for 10 years and he is still alive.

Celebrating on social media, he wrote;

I can go on and say much more, like appealing you to please donate to the work of Bisi Alimi Foundation, and letting you know;

1- HIV knows no sexuality; it doesn’t care if you are;

G*y, straight, male, female, Trans, tall, short, white, black, Asian; if you are exposed, there are chances you will get infected.

2- Like taking a test is the best way to know and adhering to your medication is the best way to stop the virus.

3- That U actually equals U, but that’s if you know, on treatment and in good health.

4- That you can live a long healthy life with HIV.

5- That holy water, anointing oil and other falsehood you have been sold won’t cure HIV

6- That there is no cure yet, but it is on its way.

7- I love you

8- That thank you to my husband Anthony Davis for being the most amazing man.

9- That please donate to Bisi Alimi Foundation.

Sharing a video on his Instagram page, he also wrote,

15 years of living positively and calmly with HIV


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