Love Does not Exist or does it?, is it a fairy tale or not ?


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Some people believe love exist while some do not believe in love, so the question is to state the fact and lets find out .

At the end you will be the judge, now let us begin

1. Can love survive without money.

2. Is love unconditional.


3. Can only love beat the odds of life.

First , about the survival of love without money, naturally it’s impossible but some religion will beg to differ.

But let us state the fact , and do not be deceived , love cannot survive with money, its all a lie because our body or flesh need basic things to survive on earth and just love won’t cut it.

Money can do without love but love cannot do without money, love is like the parasite while money is the host.

Secondly, about unconditional love, it is a fairly tale. For example when a woman says she loves , it means you have money to cater for her.

Do not love when you do not have money to give a woman

Which means love is money.

Always know this in order not to fall in a trap with a woman or a man.

And lastly, love cannot beat the odds of life simply

because humans have flesh and are also insatiable no matter how much love you give.

Please be wise. Only God has true Love

Human beings are not capable of true love.


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