Dear mother,

Read the letters of my tears
written with the ink of blood
And the chapters of my fears
From the scripture of my flood.

The flood you want evacuated
with the help of a paid terminator
A heartless termination perpetuated
by your selfish desires; Life gladiator.

I know that life is cruel
And that living in itself, is
a herculean task for mortals
Suffer me this pain not to miss.

Like everyone alive today
Or that once walked this way
I, too, desire to have my own
bite of that bitter bile called Life.

Why rob me the pleasure
of having a firsthand taste
of this bliss and bloody blisters
sustained, just by being a human.

Aye, give me this noble privilege
Of having my share of Life’s vinegar
Why take the path of mortal sacrilege
Let me feel Life’s cold, heat & hunger.

Before I taste death
Let me taste the earth
The East, West, North & South
I know the world of your womb
Oh, let me know the world without
Ere my lifeless body will hit the tomb.

Let me feel
the weight of earthly toil
And eat of the fruit of the soil.

Mummy, please…
Give me a chance to live
I have waited for eternity
To interact with humanity
I want to live before I leave.


By Ternopilinkilng & Billion Vibes Media