Moldovan court removes president amid government crisis


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A Moldovan court has removed President Igor Dodon from his post after he refused to comply with its ruling to dissolve parliament following a months-long political stalemate.

Dodon had supported a new government that was formed on Saturday from a coalition of the pro-European Union ACUM alliance and the pro-Russia Socialist party. ACUM’s Maia Sandu was elected prime minister.

However, the moves took place a day beyond the 90-day interval during which a new government has to be formed after elections, according to the Constitutional Court. The coalition claims the deadline is three months rather than 90 days.

The court on Sunday appointed former prime minister Pavel Filip as interim president. He is a member of the Democratic Party, which is headed by Vladimir Plahotniuc, the country’s de facto leader, who is opposed to the new government coalition.

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