Lady killed by her husband, weeks after telling people to make their marriages work

A lady has been killed by her “Cheating” husband, barely a week after encouraging couples to make their marriages work, no matter the situation.

The Deceased, Tynell

Following his arrest in Florida on Monday, Jason Lindsey told the police that his wife, Tynell, confronted him because she found a condom in his vehicle and she suspected he was cheating. .

Jason Lindsey

Tynell reportedly grabbed a knife during the argument and scratched her husband’s face with her nails.

Jason said he wrestled the knife away from her then said he “kinda lost it” and began choking her with one hand while stabbing her with the other, according to the affidavit.

Tynell’s 8-year-old son heard her screaming, came into the master bedroom and witnessed the attack, the report said. The boy eventually called 911.

Jason claimed he was defending himself, telling deputies that Tynell had attacked him with a knife in the past.

Below is her post on Marriage before her fatal demise ;

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