Antar Laniyan Speaks On His Wife Criticizing Him If He Don’t Play Romantic Roles Well

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Nigerian entertainer and actor, Antar Laniyan, in a restrictive meeting with Saturday Beats have uncovered the mystery behind his young looks and deftness.

In the meeting, the entertainer portrayed not womanizing as the mystery behind his looks, including that he was just keen on his better half, rather his wife.

Depicting and describing his significant other and wife as a gift, Laniyan said:

“There are so many things that I do not indulge myself in. For instance, I do not run after women.

Even when the women run after me, I just smile and run away.

One thing I want people to know is that you cannot do away with women. You admire them and they admire you as well but you do not have to take all of them to bed.

A woman that is star struck can come to me, I would hug her, give her a peck (on the cheek) and let her feel welcome, but I do not have to take her to bed.”