Pastor Tony Rapu Shares New Beautiful Photos Of Former Drug Addicted, Lizzy

Nigerian Pastor Tony Rapu has shared new photos of rehabilitated Lizzy, the former drug addict whose story went viral few months ago.

Recall that Lizzy’s story caught the attention of Nigerians, after it was disclosed that she rescued off the street by popular pastor and social reformer, Tony Rapu.

Lizzy was said to be addicted to a series of hard substances, and was rescued from the streets after a long period of living in the slums and getting high on several substances.

In the video, Lizzy revealed she was introduced to substance abuse by a former boyfriend who used to spike her weed with crack. She stated that initially she didn’t know at first but later got addicted to it.

However ahead of the Father’s day celebration, Pastor Tony Rapu who shared new photos of rehabilitated Lizzy, stated that it is dedicated to the former drug addict who turned 26 in February.

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