15 Richest People That Ever Lived On Earth

Would you like to know why Amazon is so successful ,because the customer is all that matters look we all know Jeff Bezos is filthy rich 150 billion dollars filthy rich to be exact but while Bezos is over here being a jerk about his fat stacks where does even stand on the list of the richest people in human history ,the answer just may surprise you so make sure you stick around until the end to see who sits atop .

The money pile first up on our list is the guy who is single-handedly the reason for the polar ice caps melting Henry Ford anyways in 1903 Ford founded the Ford Motor Company Ford invented the Model T which was basically the Maserati of the early 1900’s but by 1927 he had sold 15 million of those bad boys that fended pretty well for the automobile mogul which brought his value up to a whopping 200 billion dollars in today’s value too bad he was really the first domino toward a global manufacturing industry that is putting the world’s turtle’s penguins and polar bears in grave danger but you gotta kill a few cute and fluffy animals to get to the top .

All right next up this next guy is one of the fiercest coldest dirtiest players in the game pulling up on anyone who stood in his way you guessed it coming in at number 14 on our list is railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt but seriously if you guess I don’t know I guess here’s a gold star anyways Courtney was born for like the most of us he started shipping shiitake mushrooms around New York with his pops in the early 1800s he was so well known for taking over other shipping companies that other company owners started paying off Vanderbilt so that they wouldn’t compete with him anymore

however later on in his life Vanderbilt saw a gold mine in the railroad industry first New York and then Chicago and then the world well maybe I’ll just stop in Chicago Cornie virtually owned all of the railroads.

Between New York and Chicago made them efficient and rolled in the dough for the rest of his life and then he started a university that he named after himself made the team nicknamed his own nicknamed the Commodores and then made the mascot look like himself like I said this was one cold mother trucker when Vanderbilt passed away he was estimated to be worth 202 billion dollars.

Today is it really a top 15 richest people of all time list without at least one international pariah unfortunately it’s not coming in at number 13 on our list is the former leader of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Gaddafi took power of Libya after a bloodless coup of then King Idris in 1969 I think it’s safe to say that this dude was not super light on the world stage though but he got away with it for so long because he could play the trump card of having a crap ton of oil under his country.

Gaddafi passed away in 2011 during the Libyan revolution it was a little more intense than I made it sound but we won’t get into that right now Libyan officials estimated that Gaddafi had stolen around 212 billion dollars of the country’s oil revenues and put it in secret bank accounts shady investments and suspicious real estate deals so yeah basically this dude was no Mother Teresa

If you thought corny Vanderbilt was one cold mothertrucker weed until you hear about this guy coming in at number 12 on our list William the Conqueror ,Willie may have been born to the Duke of Normandy France but Deng was he bullied as a kid like kind of a lot later on Willie hung out with his friend and cousin Edward the King of England long story short Edward didn’t have any kids to take over the throne after he bit the dust so he promised it to his good buddy William but when Edward was actually on his deathbed he promised his right-hand man Harold the crown ,Willie did not like that very so he did what anyone would do he got support from the Pope to overthrow England and violently took over the throne for himself King Willy spent the rest of his days pillaging villages across England Scotland and Wales and building huge structures across his new land amounting to a value of 228 billion dollars in today’s money let’s just say they didn’t call him Jacob moneybags Fuger for nothing

Coming in at number 11 on our list is Jacob Fuger, Fuger was a banker merchant and businessman in 16th century Germany that owned approximately 9% of all German wealth and 2% of all of Europe’s well this dude was loaded so loaded in fact that the race for Holy Roman Emperor in 1517 was only able to be Won with bribe money that could be provided Fuger ,oh and let’s not forget that when Martin Luther hammered those 95 theses on the doors of the Catholic Church half of the money being made off of all indulgences is paid by the Catholic people we’re going directly to Fuger I think it’s safe to say that buying out the biggest election in Europe and splitting the Christian Church forever can only happen if you’re rich.

Coming in at number 10 on our list is the last ruler of the state of Hyderabad in India Osman Ali Khan, this dude was the bezos of his magazine that is who get it Khan ruled the quote princely state of Hyderabad this state had so much money that concent in to naval vessels and to Royal Air Force squadrons to Britain during World War two can you see the state of Montana doing something so BA at its peak consonant was approximately 230 billion dollars today which is equivalent 2% of the United States entire economy .

Tsar Nichols was given everything he ever wanted by his dad including the throne to all of Russia in 1896 giving him a value of 300 billion dollars in the ninth spot on our list it should be noted that Tsar Nick was not super likable after sending his poor country into an unwinnable war with Japan this mistake ended with Nick and his fan BAM trying to seek asylum in Britain failing to do so and then being captured and having their life taken by Russian forces in Siberia in that moment the fortune and even the throne was stripped away from Nicholas’s family line forever but hey that’s what happens when you Ward all the money your country has and then send it into an unwinnable war.

I think it’s safe to say you’ve heard of this next dude before ,coming in at number 8 is the steel Titan himself Andrew Carnegie, this dude was the epitome of good timing railroads When they were expanding American cities .

we got this idea that all rich people are jerks right not this dude Andy boy gave away 90% of his 337 billion-dollar fortune to different charities and educational institutions at the end of his life, who said nice guys finish last .

without the guy at number 7 on our list we would never experience the amazing times we’ve all spent fuming and anger at our friends and family after an infuriating game of Monopoly next up we have the oil man himself john d rockefeller picture this it’s 1863 and America is freaking out because they’re dumb lamps keep exploding in burning down their houses ,Johnny Rock was all like I’ve got the greatest idea ever let’s put kerosene that won’t explode in the lamps yeah I mean that basically got the American buyers on board so much so in fact that he owned 90% of the oil industry which brought his values up to three hundred sixty seven billion dollars, the government got mad at him though and made sure that there would never be another monopoly again but we still got a stupidly infuriating board game out of it so uh lucky yes I guess if you thought to Chawla in the country of Wakanda seemed pretty stacked

Coming in at number six on our list is Mansa Musa the first of Mali Musa was the ruler of Mali during a portion of the fourteenth century and this guy was loaded he ruled a vast portion of West Africa controlled half of the world’s gold at the time and he had a mere value of four hundred fifteen billion dollars oh and it was clear that this dude loved to flax story has it that in the year 1324 Musa decided he would take the pilgrimage to Mecca, this dude brought tens of thousands of soldiers workers and heralds he just waltzed his way through Egypt .

Coming in at number five on our list but by Far the oldest here we got King Solomon of Israel stepping up to the plate we’re going all the way back to biblical times for this big rich boy according to biblical accounts Solomon was one of the wealthiest kings in the history of Israel he used a vast majority of his wealth to build what would become the first temple in Jerusalem for the Jewish people .

it’s estimated that Solomon’s worth amounted to a mind-boggling 2.2 trillion dollars , now number 4 on our list is the dude who began one of the longest lasting empires in the history of the world and also made one of the most delicious salads ever known to mankind we got a Gustus Caesar , Augustus is known as the first emperor of Rome but he didn’t even go by that because he was the one to set up Rome as an empire in the first place historians estimate that his net worth would be four point six three trillion dollars today and I’m not a historian but with that fed stack I would not be surprised if Augustus Caesar ended up looking a little bit like Augustus gloop toward the end of his life if you know what I’m saying .

Number three on our list is none other than Akbar the first not to be mistaken with the Admiral Akbar was the Emperor of the Mughal Empire in India during the late 1500s this dude conquered so much land in and around India that he controlled 25 percent of the world’s economy during that time period that would amount to 21 trillion dollars today, Akbar uses this money to flex on everyone and literally live the lifestyle of a king he set up his court with artists poets musicians you name it needless to say Akbar was a pretty lavish dude who had money and was sure to flex on anyone and everyone.

Coming in at number 2 on our list is Emperor Shen Zhong of the Song Dynasty in China this dude amounted to about 30 trillion dollars in 30% of the world’s economy during that time Emperor Shen Zhong led the Song Dynasty and set up systems to have better financial support for peasants but also enforce stricter ways of getting taxes paid so that the government and himself could rake in all the dough they could get.

It is said that many of Shen Zhong said opted policies can be seen implemented today by the welfare state of China pretty good for having come up with that almost a thousand years ago Gold Star for Shenzhen well we’ve done it guys we’ve reached the top of our list coming in at the top spot for the richest person of all time is none other than Genghis Khan this dude was the baddest meanest and coldest dude of them all , this dude absolutely posterized a huge portion of the world the Mongolian Empire even after Cahn passed away conquered 12 million square miles of land which is roughly the same size as the African continent and it’s safe to say that they did not do so in bloodless fashion, all this to say khan’s estimated net worth is over 100 trillion dollars today and he ended up spreading the wealth among those he ruled which is a good.

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