Daredevil in London scales The Shard, one of Europe’s tallest buildings

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A man in London scaled one of the tallest buildings inEurope early Monday, without using any harnesses, ropes or suction cups.

The Metropolitan Police said on Twitter that authorities were contacted around 5:15 a.m. after reports of a “free-climber” on The Shard.

“Emergency services attended and the man went inside the building where he was spoken to by officers,” police said. “He was not arrested.”

Footage posted to Twitter by David Kevin Williams showed the man climbing up the side of the building.

“The guy’s got to the top and is being spoken to by the police apparently,” Williams wrote.

Another witness, Rose E Gillott, said that two police cars, two ambulances and a drone were deployed in response.

Emergency services rushed to the scene but weren’t needed.

Other climbers have previously scaled the 1,017 feet building, which was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and is one of the tallest in Europe, according to Sky News.

In 2017, YouTuber CassOnline climbed from the viewing platform to the apex and a group of Greenpeace activistsscaled the building to protest oil drilling in the Arctic in 2013.

The previous year, The Shard secured an injunction against Alain Robert, the climber nicknamed the French Spiderman, to stop him from attempting to scale the building.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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